Senior Ministry

The Goal of the Senior Ministry

The goal of our senior ministry is to encourage and exhort our seniors to continue to use their talents to do service in the Lord’s kingdom and also use their experience to teach the younger men and women.

The Purpose of Senior Adult Ministry is Threefold

To Bring People to Christ

  • To bring people to Jesus Christ, and to bring Christians to a closer, more intimate relationship with Him.
  • To reach older adults with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

To Minister

  • To minister to the relational needs of the local church congregation.
  • To serve as a vehicle for interacting among the people of the Church.
  • To serve to promote spiritual growth and leadership utilizing their skills and abilities.
  • To provide counsel, comfort, and referral as needed during times of personal crisis.

To Encourage Others to Minister

  • To recognize their value in terms of wisdom, experience, knowledge, talents, and other God given abilities and gifts.
  • To provide seniors with opportunities to fellowship with one another.
  • To encourage the commitment to ministry in God’s kingdom.

A light should not be kept under a bushel, but to the continued service and glory of the Lord.