About Us

Franklin’s Historic Natchez Street District

In the historic district of Natchez Street in Franklin, Tennessee stands a quaint brick building where the Fowlkes Street church of Christ assembles. Its members are regular folks; but at the same time pillars of the community. Their hearts are freely given over to the Lord; and they seek to serve the Lord in every way possible. A sense of harmony and love greets all who enters its welcoming doors.  It does not take long to feel at home among the saints of God that gathers here. An invitation is extended to you with a warm, familiar greeting; “Come see what the Lord has done.”

Our Belief in God

Fowlkes Street believes that the basis of our worship is to follow Gods Word precisely. We utilize organized classes to search Gods Word. Therein lays the directions necessary to follow the pattern given to the first century church.

Our Services Rendered to God

Song, weekly communion, bible study, giving, praying, baptism and other elements of worship are surrendered to God as so ordered by Gods Word.

The Fowlkes Street Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring glory to God by furthering the cause of Christ and to share the soul saving message of the gospel with all the world (Mt.28: 18-20). We pursue this mission with great joy and deliberateness.  Ours is a message of love, mercy, and redemption.

A Personal Invitation to join us

Many words remain that speak of the warm fellowship that can be found at the Fowlkes Street Church of Christ. But I invite you to “Come See What the Lord Has Done.” There will always be room for you in our building and in our hearts.

Bro. Nathaniel L. Grimes, pulpit minister

Fowlkes Street Church of Christ
140 W. Fowlkes Street
Franklin, TN  37064
(615) 790-8750